#VignetteSeries – A Queen Angers

Author's Note: This is a snippet from the Steampunk Novel I am currently editing. Here, two particularly slimy scientists are confronted by a — let's say altered — Queen Victoria. She is not a happy monarch.  “What is it you wish of us, Your Majesty?” Monk’s words shot from his mouth like a trigger-happy […]

#VignetteSeries – Yellow: of Wars and Flowers

Author’s Note: This first draft section has been cut from my upcoming Steampunk anthology. I hope it gives a taste of the characters involved. I don’t think it needs explaining.  “Yellow is such a pretty colour.” Grace eyed the daffodil that protruded from Sir Belvedere’s buttonhole. “Yellow is the colour of cowardice.” “No, sir, […]

#VignetteSeries – Callisto Descends

 “My name is Kalliste.” “That’s unusual, lovely, but unusual,” I bumbled. “You may know me better by Callisto.” “As in the moon of Jupiter?” “Amongst other things.” She blinked, and the world went dark. My heart stopped, body froze, even the birds fell silent in the forest. When she reopened them, I gasped; she […]

#VignetteSeries – Lost

Author’s Note: This is a snippet I’m working on, where the investigator, Mortimer Headlock, begins to lose his cool. Headlock is a man who never loses his cool!  Lost in the space between dreams and insanity, I tremble with the frustrations of another damn dawn. The world reshapes before my eyes, twisting, contorting, stretching […]

#VignetteSeries – Merryweather

Author’s Note: Here we find Sir Walter Merryweather charming the ladies — sort of. I liked the idea of this but ditched it from the beginning of The Eternals as unnecessary. I’ve added the names here so you know who’s talking. Still makes me laugh though.  Merryweather: “Ah, Jean, the blackhole to these ladies’ […]

#VignetteSeries – Luna

Author’s Note: A first draft clip from the latest fantasy I’m working on. Here we find the mysterious gentleman Cornelius Black preaching to a very frightened little girl called Luna.  “There are few views ones might accept as the truth of all things, fewer still an exactitude. The universe in all its alternate dimensions […]

#VignetteSeries – Fair Enough

Author’s Note: From my WIP.  “It infuriates!” “I’m sure it does” “Her sheer refusal to die flies in the ideals of God and nature!” “Must you rant and rave so?” “Yes!” “Fair enough.” Headlock flipped the pages of The Times open with such ferocity as to rip its central spine. “Is there anything I […]

#VignetteSeries – The Fairground

 Love was like a Ferris wheel, always revolving. Sure, there were good views, the odd adrenaline rush, even some pleasantness in the spinning, but ultimately it just made you sick. Trapped, I revolved on that fairground ride for the longest time, pinned in place by metal restraints. When all I wished was to hook […]

#VignetteSeries – Whispers in the Night

Author’s Note: Another throwaway item today. This was part of a ghost story I ditched. The man in question (the one doing the observing) is rather less alive than he imagines. His descent into madness begins.  They fluttered over the midnight graves like silver faeries. Larger than moths but no birds, the creatures shimmered […]