#VignetteSeries – The Pegasus Carriages

Author’s Note: Scenes in first draft from an upcoming work. The flying things filled the sky like oversized bluebottles buzzing here, there and everywhere with a general disregard for their passengers safety. Dark ink stains on a dirty blotting paper sky, the Pegasus Carriages went about their business of human transportation with even less purpose […]

#VignetteSeries – The Inventor

Author’s note: Robert Swift is a man ahead of his time, an inventor, recluse and opium addict. However, beneath the brilliance and despair, he is innocent. I think that makes him an interesting character to explore and I do so each day. His daughter, Luna, is something altogether more unusual, but I’ll leave that to […]

#VignetteSeries – Angel

Author’s Note: This was the opening to a short story I wrote. In the end, however, I chose not to use it. They effervesced. I can’t put it any other way. Her eyes didn’t just sparkle, they were alive with a million billion possibilities all positive, all a delight. She saw the good and never […]