50 Word Stories: Perspectives

“The view’s spectacular.” “You’ve got your eyes shut.” “Doesn’t mean I can’t see.” “You keep telling yourself that.” “Well, what can you see?” “Some kids fiddling about near our car, the supermarket, and Mrs. Brown’s stupid, fat cat. I think it’s killed a sparrow.” “I can see everything.” “You win.”

50 Word Stories: Barely There

Less than a vision yet more than a dream, she fluttered like a moth before the moon. Indistinct, her lips mouthed my name, or so I imagined. She was almost gone, almost not, a cobweb in the breeze, a beautiful enigma just waiting to be unraveled. In death, barely there.


You drift behind my eyes My constant companion Seen in everything I do, say Felt in saline sensations If I could cry you out, hold you Drink you down and do it again, I would For now, I’ll look to my feet Not picture a heaven without you

Visions Of Music Lost

A vision in white, She twirled and whirled, A mist in motion. Who she danced for, Who could say, But as I peered through the hall windows, Dirty, running with rain, I fell in love with the music she portrayed. I could not hear the violins, The pianos, nor even the swelling base, But I […]

I Called Her Willow

 Slender limbed  And gloss of snow, Golden eyed, Her skirts swept low. Upon the bank Her tears did stream, But full of joy, My perfect dream. As waving tendrils In lightest breeze, Her hair did stir; Brought to my knees. That gentle girl, She bowed to me, A swaying beauty, My willow tree.     

My Vision

 A vision in magenta With gloves of velvet touch, She swept across the dance floor To steal my imagination. A thing of dreams made real With locks of brunette curlicue,  She enraptured me.  If ever perfection was personified,  It was in she. When she asked if I would escort her, I thought it a prank. Her winsome smile showed a lighter touch, And I […]