Stolen Souls

 She possessed a haunting, lilting voice. Hard to age by ear or eye, I watched as she took centre stage in every aspect of its meaning. The other singers became as statues, their faces unobserved, voices unnecessary, the lavish set as nothing other than a backdrop to her. For me, it was the diva’s […]

The Singer & The World’s Pain

Melodious, she sang, Like a bird in the meadow Awake to the day; Trilling to the heavens And chirping to the flowers, She praised the day, The night, the dusk, the dawn. It mattered not who heard, What they thought, What they said; She sang relentless, Regardless, with all her heart. And for a moment, […]

The Quiet Ones (Self-Expression in a Loud World)

Note: I’m having a nightmare today so I apologise to anyone who follows me on Facebook if they’ve already read this today. I’ve been asked to write a couple of posts a week for and this is my first post there. I wasn’t going to post it here but hey-ho. PS It’s a lovely […]

Lost Voices

I lost him, Flushed around a well-worn bend, Time-travelled and perfunctory, The path everybody takes. I lost him For a time. Saw the depths of secret dreams Slowly fall away. Yes, I lost him, Him being me. The road behind stole a voice, My voice, Tried to twist and abuse it, Turn and confuse it. […]

The Songstress

It’s not audio flowing through my headphones but pure feeling. I am taken, spirited away into a space between the natural and the created, deposited somewhere in between without ceremony. I’m glad I am.      Boom, it starts, then a dull incessant thud takes over. Next, her voice. She soothes me in moments – no […]

The Blues

When she sang the world stopped to listen. Time collapsed around that angelic voice to secure you and she in a bubble of smooth dreams and stories retold. There was no better place to be. You didn’t have to see her because you felt her. You didn’t have to meet her because she was already […]

In Voice: Buns

“They say he’s got buns of steel, girls.” “I heard that.” “Me too.” “Like rocks, I was told.” “Ooh, I’m drooling already.” “Can we touch them, girls?” “Not unless we pay.” “I’ll pay alright.” “Me too.” “And me.” “Yep, that’s what makes him the best robot baker in town.” “Ooh!”