I Hear You

I hear your whisper: It floats down from the mountaintops to wrap itself around me in gentle, vibrating sonics; I pulse to the sound of your voice. I hear your guidance: Words of sweetest clarity dangle before me. They bring visions of a life I would never have believed possible. They flicker before me almost […]


I hear her voice: Maria. — An aria plays of moon and lost times Where Druids beseech  Beneath moon and stars. They wish for war That must be declared: They demand it; they plead the case; it simply has to be! Their High Priestess listens But her heart lies elsewhere; Her voice tells us it is Rome. The same Rome wished destroyed Is the home of […]


   She stands on the stage, Inhales  Sucking in our dreams, Pauses, We pause with her, Then exhales. She is the Diva, The shepherdess of song, And we are her flock. Soprano supreme, She lifts our souls with every note To the point  We wish she would never stop. In our hearts, She does not. She is our morning, Noon and night. She is our songbird,  Our lark, our love.  (Image courtesy […]

In Voice: The Pretty Reckless

 “Oi!” “!” “Take your bloody headphones off!” “What?” “Your headphones!” “Oops!” “Come inside, love.” “I like it out here it’s too hot to be inside, I’m dripping.” “But it’s getting windy!” “I like the wind, dries the sweat.” “You’re the only woman I know who actually likes to sweat.” “I better be!” “You know what I mean.” “Course I do.” “So?” “So, what?” “Are you coming inside?” “Nope.” “Hmm, like that is it?” “Yup.” “Anything […]

In Voice: Wet

   ‘Do you think it will ever stop raining?’ ‘That implies you don’t like it, and if you don’t why are you sat there watching it?’ ‘It’s hypnotic.’ ‘That’s why men will never understand women.’ ‘What do you mean!’ ‘Hmm, I just don’t know!’ ‘That’s why women will never understand men.’ ‘Touché.’ ‘It is hypnotic though, isn’t it?’ ‘Yes, I’ve always loved the rain, too. […]

In Voice: Tenderest Farewell

  “I’ll never leave you.” “You’ll have to.” “I won’t let it win!” “We both know it will.” “They could be wrong?” “They aren’t.” “How can you be so calm?” “I’m ready to go. I’ve made my peace. Now you must, too.” “Never!” “You’ll have to, my love, because I want you to leave me now, and don’t look back.” “No, it can’t be now, not […]

In Voice: It Hurts!

   “It hurts!” “What does, love?” “I’m in agony!” “Jeez! You’re scaring me.” “Ah, it’s like a stabbing pain.” “Where? Oh, God, what’s wrong.” “Here…put your hand here.” “Where?” “My chest.” “I can’t feel anything.” “But it hurts so much! You must be able to feel something?” “All I can feel is you.” “Do I feel normal?” “Yes, I think so!” “Are you sure, I’m in agony!” “I think so, but […]

In Voice: Dark Eyes

  “What is it about my eyes you like?” “I don’t like, I love.” “Tease.” “I’m not teasing. When I look up at the stars gleaming in eternal perfection, it is you that I see. When I stand by the ocean and the sunlight glints of azure blue, it is your eyes that I see gleaming, not it. When […]