When Two Are One

When Two Are One

Regardless of the provocation, I resisted. Although my fists balled so tight that I thought my fingernails to burst out of the back of my hand in sprays of crimson, I bit back the pain and sought the meditative calm of Zen. But, as always, my temper was not mine to control. One word from you and I poured upon them like a tsunami of pent-up rage. No one was spared. No one cared.

The child, a young boy of perhaps ten, looked from them to me and back again, smiled, then took back his lunch box.

They expelled me, of course they did, but justice had been served. She took me in, or so I told my parents, gave me a job and respectability. I’d have done anything for her, fought armies, braved monsters, loved. I didn’t, but would have.

When I woke one day to find her gone, I collapsed. Not a word written or verbal had warned of it. Not a clue to my desertion did she leave. All that remained was a single voice in my head where once there’d been two. I hated its owner. I hated me.



 Shadows fall
 Across my path,
 Forcing me to choose
 To step over,
 To step right through.
 I will not be diverted
 By the ephemeral,
 I haven’t
 The time.
 Let the shadows fall;
 Let the silent roar;
 For cometh the night,
 I’ll still be walking
 Whilst they’ll
 Be gone.

In Voice: Raindrops

 “A wood; in the dark; in the rain, are you mad?”
 “I needed to relax, love”
 “Don’t you, love, me! I’ve had just as long a day as you.”
 “I know.”
 “I thought you were taking me out for a meal, or something!”
 “This is better.”
 “How the hell can it be better? No shelter, people, lights, and my head’s banging from today.”
 “Will you shut up moaning! Just put your umbrella down and come here.”
 “Did you just tell me to shut up?”
 “Come here and put your arms around me.”
 “I’ll get wet.”
 “We both will. Just do it…please, for me.”
 “Okay, but I’m not happy about it. This better be good.”
 “Aren’t you going to say anything now I’m getting wet?”
 “Be quiet, and listen.”
 “Just listen.”
 “I am, but there’s nothing to listen to.”
 “Nothing but the rain.”
 “That’s just water.”
 “Exactly, just us and angel’s tears.”
 “It is kind of peaceful, I suppose.”
 “Hmm, can you feel it.”
 “Feel what?”
 “The world.”
 “I might, with a kiss?”
 “Well, if it keeps you quiet.”
 “It will, and thank you.”
 “For what?”
 “For this, it’s beautiful.”
 “Nothing’s as beautiful as seeing the one you love in the rain.”
 “In a wood, too.”
 “That too.”
 “Can you hear the pitter-patter?”
 “Of raindrops on the leaves?”
 “No, my heart.”
 “I thought it was mine.”
 “It is.”

 (Image courtesy of Katsumi92 on deviantart.com)