Award Nomination

Award Nomination

Your Country Needs you! (Actually, I need you.)

The Eternals (complete with its beautiful new cover) has made the shortlist for The 5o Best Indie books of 2016: Paranormal category.

Just to have been nominated was wonderful, but I’ve now made the last twenty. Voting is open until December 16th. If anyone out there can help by voting for me, I would be forever grateful. The top three will be announced in the last week of the year.

The Eternals series of books has been such a major part of my life these last few years. Knowing that others have and still are enjoying my hard work is a great feeling to someone who hasn’t had many such feelings for a long time. You’ve all made this happen, not me. Thank you.

Please vote for The Eternals here: VOTE

Thank you for reading
Richard M. Ankers author of The Eternals Series
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The Eternals
Hunter Hunted


The Third Choice

 To my friends in the States
 An alternative view
 Don’t vote in a country
 Where the choice is just two
 Instead write your wishes
 And send them to me
 They won’t get done
 But at least you’ll feel free
 I’ll end this canvass
 And run away quick
 Before you all hate me
 And beat me with sticks
 But remember when voting
 The third party’s me
 Vote DemoRichPublican
 I might win, we’ll see?