50 Word Stories: No Worries

 As we meandered in Sunday languor a Spring sun warming our backs, the view the same both up and down, we touched the sky. Only the pathway's lush, green verges gave consistency to our world, the rocks true weight. We flew for those minutes with feet firmly planted. Never worrying.

Reclining – A Holiday Post

Reclining I’m reclining. That’s a funny little expression, don’t you think? Reclining is one of my favourite words and even more favourite actions. Today I’m reclining in a new arts cafe, soaking up the atmosphere, looking refined, and trying not to get caramel shortcake all over my mouth. The piece is delicious melting on my […]

November walks

   There’s a degree of uncertainty as to what to wear on a November walk. There’s always the hope of sunshine slicing through a morning mist and the lingering prospect of sunglasses seeing extra use. Perhaps boots are in order for a meadow cobwebbed by a million dewdrops. Fog threatens to make an appearance on […]

Hand in Hand

   Wind away walkways A route through the trees Captured in emerald A journey of leaves Meandering slowly  A sojourn through life Relaxing this mind And easing the strife I’ll tread upon you On plank and on dirt Whilst rain patters down Reducing the hurt Zen of the forest And calm of sweet pine Let’s […]

The Pondering Stone

   Merlin hat Or Matterhorn miniature, You mark the way To somewhere; Elsewhere; Anywhere. Acorn encrusted stone, Perhaps, an oversight; No Oak trees straddle these paths, You offer demarcation To one route unknown The other, too know. Strangest waystone Relevant to someone, I heed your mileage advice And move on In deep pondering. Maybe that […]