Cool Beginnings

Waking to hushed breaths

Like the mists of the morning

Waiting for the warmth


Soothing strokes of promised spring,
 They trace the wrinkles of my soul.
 There is an awakening within / without-
 And I sense something amazing to happen-
 Something unfurling as an opening bud.
 ‘Is this Spring,’ I ask the warming sun.
 My smiling shadow nods yes.

Remembering Summers Gone

I remember last summer,

When azure swept the sky,

The birds were all tweeting,

The clouds rushing by;

Soft rushes were hushing

Kissed by the south wind,

The winter’s cold memory 

Into past did rescind.

I stood by the lakeside

And searched the landscape,

I can’t remember for what, 

As my thoughts it escapes.

But I know that I loved it,

And shall do so again,

But as frosts linger on,

I’m not sure as to when?

Remembering summers 

Has become my pastime,

But at least thinking of them

Has provided this rhyme.

So, I’ll head to the warm climes

Of summers long gone,

And pray for their coming,

And that they’re not too long.

Sunday & The Street

 It’s raining out the window
 But I’m sat in the heat
 The sound of coffee brewing
 Feeling so replete
 The water it is washing
 Across the streets in sheets
 But I don’t care a bit
 Sat in my leather seat
 Though soon I’ll have to go
 My drink it does deplete
 And then the pouring rain
 Will lap about my feet
 Perhaps I’ll have another
 And wait for sun to greet
 The beauty of a Sunday
 Relaxing and complete