Distant orb, solar
 Heat discharged and sent to me
 Warmth spanning the dark

Heat in the Midst of Winter


 Grey is my breath in icy chill,
 Pale my bare skin in wan light,
 As I wait by my gate for love.
 To see you coalesce through the snowflakes,
 Take my cold hand in your own
 And lead me inside,
 This is my dream.
 Only then will I feel a warmth suffuse me;
 Only then will I know the heat of the night.

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A Last Warm Smile

Old bones are aching
Knees sensing seasonal change
A precursor to hibernation
And a berth by a blazing fire
The cookies have emerged from the cupboard depths
Sitting resplendent in a welcoming dish
They await an accompanying cup of tea
As do I
But for now I’ll sit by the window
Watch the autumn leaves
Slowly drift into carpets of tapestry colour
And say goodbye to the summer
With a last warm smile

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