Remembering Summers Gone

I remember last summer, When azure swept the sky, The birds were all tweeting, The clouds rushing by; Soft rushes were hushing Kissed by the south wind, The winter’s cold memory  Into past did rescind. I stood by the lakeside And searched the landscape, I can’t remember for what,  As my thoughts it escapes. But I […]

Sunday & The Street

 It’s raining out the window But I’m sat in the heat The sound of coffee brewing Feeling so replete  The water it is washing  Across the streets in sheets But I don’t care a bit Sat in my leather seat  Though soon I’ll have to go My drink it does deplete And then the pouring rain Will lap about my feet  Perhaps I’ll have another And wait […]

Heat in the Midst of Winter

   Grey is my breath in icy chill, Pale my bare skin in wan light, As I wait by my gate for love. To see you coalesce through the snowflakes, Take my cold hand in your own And lead me inside, This is my dream. Only then will I feel a warmth suffuse me; Only then will I know the heat of the […]

A Last Warm Smile

Old bones are aching Knees sensing seasonal change A precursor to hibernation And a berth by a blazing fire The cookies have emerged from the cupboard depths Sitting resplendent in a welcoming dish They await an accompanying cup of tea As do I But for now I’ll sit by the window Watch the autumn leaves […]