He was unknown to us that night. A tall, dark figure framed by the lightning of an uncommon storm, the stranger tipped his hat, grinned, and then ordered a beer. He drank this with the eyes of the town upon him, wiped his mouth, nodded, then left. "Bye," I said, out of nerves more […]


Blood There is blood in the air and fear on the streets, the city reeks of it. I bathe in this feral disruption like all predators must; it does no good to show fear in the face of the enemy. Society pools about me in terror and tainted thoughts, I smile politely at each in […]

The Forgotten

 In shallow graves we came to them An army of the passed, the lost, the in between As reeds in the wind, we whispered 'No' The breath of the once and was, the forgotten Not stale, but sweet Like gentians on an alpine breeze A cooling balm to the frightened many A gift from […]

Promising the Moon and Stars

“It lies just over the next hill.” “Thank you,” I’d said, hoisted my backpack over my shoulder and moved off down the road. This was the fourth time I had done so. It wasn’t that the people had been rude to me, far from it, nor that they’d deliberately caused me distress, they hadn’t, just […]

Danger of Death

The sign read Danger of Death. Well, that was like a red rag to a bull for a twelve-year-old. Fastened to the fence in striking gold, the sign double-dared me with its figure getting struck by lightning; he looked like the Flash. Every day, I would look at the sign on my way to school […]


The halo slips Barbed wire binding It strangles Chokes the words  That I wish to say Improper dialogue For an angel Fallen Flex the wings Folded in obsidian  Where is the white Where is the shine Where is the light No longer  Divine Restricted in infinity I writhe Fight the tethers Until breath, ragged I […]

Poor, Poor Faerie Folk

When the light begins to dwindle and the little people come out don’t be scared. Don’t fear the faerie just lock your door, secure your windows and pray. It’s not that they want to hurt you whilst you sleep. They just wish to play. It’s not their fault that little hands can’t help poking and […]


 You think you’re safe beneath the sheets, Your bed a comfort for soul replete. But wrong you are, my cocky friend, For demons wait round hallway bend. Mired in cruelty, biding time, They seek to strike at flip of dime. Remember this and you’ll fare well, But disrespect will earn you Hell. So justly warned you’ve been from me, A soul who’s seen catastrophe. As […]