In The Light of Thieves

In The Light of Thieves An unmistakable presence in the room, lingering without revealing, observing through unopened eyes, the ghost of the season watches all. He sways in a draught like a reed by a river as fluid as the moonrise and gentle as a warm summer night; but it is not summer, not now. […]


“Come stand beneath the candelabra,” she commanded. My grandmother, old battle-axe, had never liked me. The feeling was mutual. As the oldest male heir I had inherited our family’s wealth. She had hated me for it, but I still attempted to be respectful. Blind as a bat and equally nocturnal, she eyed me as I […]

50 Word Stories: Moneyless

She gave him a coin and told him to put it in his pocket. “Why?” said the boy. “To remind you of the days we used to use money.” “But we do use money?” “Here’s to hoping you’re the clever boy who grows up to prove we don’t need it.”