50 Word Stories: Moneyless

She gave him a coin and told him to put it in his pocket. “Why?” said the boy. “To remind you of the days we used to use money.” “But we do use money?” “Here’s to hoping you’re the clever boy who grows up to prove we don’t need it.”


There’s no value in wealth; No joy in the coin; No reason for hoarding, Less still for greed; No purpose in want; No happiness in dollars spent, And no pockets in a shroud. I think I shall remain pocketless. Yes, it’s pocketless for me.

Questionable Vision

 Beads of water upon a single blade of grass  Diamonds upon an emerald rapier  It is all a question of perspective  A question of unlimited imagination   Over the accumulation of gain  Only you will know which it takes  To make your heart feel content

Rash Acts

Don’t talk of disappointment That the leaders did their best No more could be afforded We had to think of interest There’s somethings more important Than what it maybe costs Like what if there’s no water Or the animals we have lost Material possessions My friends, will come and go But our lives upon this […]