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New Author Page For Friends

Dear all;

I have just published a new page on my site. This addition is dedicated to all my good pals in the book business. I have placed links to as many of you as I could think of off the top off my head. If you’re my pal, your books are clean, and you would like me to add you to the list, please comment below. Leave me your links and I will add you. Also, if you’re already on there and would like to be worded differently (I gave up halfway down) don’t hesitate to correct me. 

As some of you know, I have the memory of a goldfish, so this sort of intricate stuff is extremely hard. Don’t be afraid to ask to be added, I can assure you I’ll be more embarrassed at not having done so than you will at asking.

This is just my way of hopefully promoting some wonderful people with wonderful books. 

HERE is the page link

I hope it helps




 Spider in his corner web
 You spied on me from overhead
 Envious of my prey that night
 A beauteous girl with eyes so bright
 Who I had tricked to come to bed
 But spied the spider she instead
 And ran from room screaming get rid
 But spider he had swiftly hid
 That cursed thing of wiry limbs
 I’d wait until fly came to him
 Then scare it off I would in spite
 For arachnid small had ruined my night

 (Image courtesy of 3danikesh on deviantart.com)

Web of Love

web of love image

I’m lost in a vision
Of gossamer hue
This web of the world
That keeps me from you

Everything’s sticky
Covered in glue
But my mind is free
As one seeks two

The spider is lurking
At the heart of his web
But he can’t stop me dreaming
Not even when dead

I’ll unravel this mystery
Search through the strands
And only find peace
When we’re holding hands