Something to Ponder

Author's Note: Something a little different today that got me thinking. Whilst hitching a ride to the coffee shop with my wife, we turned into the shopping park where it's located and saw something highly unusual. I always keep an eye out for wildlife, I love nature, and spotted a bird I'd never before seen […]

50 Word Stories: Amber Tears

It fell like snow of ashen grey, the world no more. Brave tiger loped from his Bengal lair confused and alone. In magnificence, stripes gleaming through the gloom, he took in life’s remnants. And the last animal in the world wept an amber tear. What had we done?

Snow Leopard

Himalayan ghost, So seldom seen, I wonder Are you even there? I’ve chased your dream: Felt your eyes; Yeti glimpsed; Patterns in the snow, But it is that low growl The one before death That might give you away. However, by then It’s far too late And your legend shall endure. I like it that […]

Midday Summers

A lizard basks Time on the rocks Old crow yawning Too sleepy to caw Cat claws flex Only a threat Cherry blossoms fall Pretending to be snowflakes And the gardens slowly grow In emerald breaths Midday summer Comes to early spring

Running with Foxes

 Turning off the bright, city street, I chose to run alongside the high-hedged path and not my usual outlook of open fields. It is only a relatively short strip of green belt land, perhaps a mile, but very peaceful. I’ve always enjoyed the lead up to the next set of suburbs with its sunburst illumination […]