50 Word Stories: Lupine

Alice stopped and looked at me with those great big eyes of hers, round like full moons. “Will we always love each other?” she asked, licking at her teeth. “We always have.” Alice raised an eyebrow, her lips curling up like a hungry wolf’s. “Forever and always.” “Always and forever.”


Uncaged Release the beast and all shall be as it should. I couldn’t.  Let loose the primal. Let the devil have this night. I wouldn’t. You yearn to race across the moors with the smell of the forest a distant aphrodisiac. You seek only God’s gift: life. I shouldn’t.  You must. To not do so […]

The Wolf Among Us: Golden.

  The lifespan of wolves made it difficult for Luna. No sooner would she grow attached to one than nature would take it from her. She never really settled with the pack. I did my best for my daughter, acted as I thought a father should, but my turning presented problems. I would never have […]

The Wolf Among Us: Luna.

Winter hit with one swift, remorseless stroke. Rock and meadow gave way to an ocean of snow that undulated in the fierce north winds.  The pack proved restless around their new alpha. I had become a king amongst wolves without raising a paw. It was not a title I’d asked for nor savoured. But, if […]

The Wolf Among Us.

The wolves ran free that sunburst evening emerging from the fog like ghosts with razor teeth. Emboldened for some reason, the canines set upon us as though having to have waited to do so for far too long; they hurried to make amends. Those wild dogs of legend, larger than ponies, more dangerous than a […]


 Don’t walk with the crowd Run with the pack  Howl to the moon  And don’t look back  Don’t cover your feelings Growl only the truth  We’ll all miss our best pal Beneath WordPress roof    (In loving memory to a great guy RIP)    

A Cold Demise

 It is not the cold stare of ice-blue death  Nor dagger-like jaws that salivate at my scent  Nor even the snarl of the disenchanted   That worries that lost and lonely soul  But, instead, the crying of the unsen others  They who wait for the command to feast  They who run wild, yet still must obey   I pity them in my […]