I Am Wolf

 There is no wind, all is still below the wild moon. I hunt; we hunt, individuals bathed in silver light, metallic colouring seeking metallic tang. Working as one to lessen the hardship of the Alaskan wilderness, we persevere.   Winter has been hard. Deep snows have tested us, and found a few wanting. Only the strong […]

RED (Wolf Hunter) Twisted Fairytales

 Once upon a long ago A child stalked the woods, Hunting all the timberwolves,  For them, it was no good. They ran at sight of little girl Donned in blood-red hood, Because their parents told them too, The child cared less than should. She’d call to them in honeyed tones, Coax them through the woods, Then pull out axe to kill them with, Believe, it […]

The Itch

 As the clouds slide past a silver orb 
I feel an itch
 A nagging, persistent, annoyance Pinpricks throughout my body Acupuncture to my soul I am on fire Never have I felt such pain It radiates out like a supernova And I howl in ecstasy I like it No, I love it I need […]