Liquid Gold

 Without reason or regret, we hid behind the broken buildings. They had to come! The hours passed like slugs in a foot race, slow, slow, slower. Would they come? Midnight clouds crackled with the contained might of the universe, a pulsing, throbbing, sentient sky. Was it them? They dropped from heaven like liquid gold, […]

50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

The road coughed up dust like a cat a hairball, neither pleasant and both lasting too long. I'd traveled the same baked mud for ten days on an incline that wore at the soul. When the horizon fell away, however, a new land unrolling like a tapestry, I remembered why.

Surfing Stars

 Every boat had a captain, ours just happened to surf stars. Instead of water, he had the universal currents of space, riding the night in endless gravitational waves. We had no idea how he knew where to head, (it all looked the same to us,) but he did. One day, or night, or evening, […]

50 Word Stories: Imagine

“Ballerinas dancing on the waves.” “It’s froth.” “To you, not to me.” “It’s too wet, too big and I hate it.” “If a mermaid rode the waves, what then?” “That might change things.” “In that case, dear, watch the ballerinas dance because that’s where they come from.” “Where?” “Our imaginations.”