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24 Hours In Your Eyes

24 hours image

Gaia rises in your misting orbs
And I am lost down a fog filled lane
Wandering hopelessly in a lover’s gaze

Only as the burning heat from amber twins
Breaks through smouldering skies do we rise
And I bask in your sparkling glow

Then deep I dive into Eden’s twin pools
Lost in cerulean depths
Awash in an afternoon of perfection

Evening beckons with fluttering grasses
Momentarily stealing the jewels of the day
Only to reappear shimmering in the setting sun

At last darkness descends over stilled waters
And I am lost in becalmed midnight oceans
As eyelids close and I watch heaven sleep


First Kiss

In the silence of the moment comes understanding
Dimmed light, short breaths
That sweet second before lips softly touch
That moment before two souls join as one
That first time
The best time
The one that seals the rest of your life

Midnight Bliss

Burning moon image

She looked at me through midnight eyes
Voluminous lashes shading pools of liquid night
A lock of raven hair trickled over an exquisite cheekbone
As she glided to my side
I was lost in a darkness so complete
That I may have been swimming through infinity
Her skin of velvet perfection brushed my own
And I felt what she yearned for
This demoness of undead sublimity
Would become my Queen
I would worship before those twin, milk daggers
As they sank into my yielding neck
I would bleed for her, kill for her
And as the Cleopatra mask slipped from her skin
Those eyes of obsidian hue held me in thrall
The moon burned
As I died in midnight bliss

A Word

I didn’t know what to think
I didn’t know what to say
I didn’t know where to look
I didn’t know how to pray

I couldn’t find that moment
I couldn’t find that space
I couldn’t find that reason
I couldn’t find that place

The hole is getting deeper
The hole is full of pain
The hole is dark and scary
And filling up with rain

Life’s full of of empty silence
When you really should be heard
Don’t let that nothing hurt you
For the sake of just a word

An Insouciant War

An Insouciant War
His eyes did not look, but gaze
His heart did not beat, but roll
His mind did not concern, but wander
I had no idea what he thought
Whether his proclivities were for or against
But I could not rest my eyes from his being
There was no regal manner to him
That was what made it so
He did not transmit superiority
Instead, he exuded it
Every atom of his being was elsewhere
I did not know if my idea good or bad
He barely even acknowledged my presence
But as he stood the world drew back
I marvelled at his splendour
He took my pen without looking at me
Signed my papers without so much as a cursory glance
Then languidly strolled from the chamber
A held breath was released in synchronicity
The assembly looking from one to another in disbelief
But it was this that made him our king
And we would follow him into hell
For now it was

“Love is a ship…

“Love is a ship we all hope to steer
Through troubled times cross an ocean of tears
A midnight sea that swells in your eyes
Takes just one look to know I’m still mesmerized”


I always loved these lines and still do. Just thought I’d share it-Richard