50 Word Stories: This Contagion

The germs, they slip across my oozing skin, greasy hair, delve under my fingernails. A beast, that's me, an abomination made real by the air that infiltrates my permeable skin; it's taking over. There's nothing I can do to stop it. This contagion has taken me. I call it life.

50 Word Stories: Snaking

 The river swept around our village like a constricting anaconda. From the tip of the serpent’s tail to the willow that marked its tongue was exactly two miles. I knew every tree, shrub and grass blade in between, but nothing beyond it. I lowered my boat: Time to shed skin.

50 Word Stories: Pain

Pain: a word with infinite definitions, incomparable extremes. She knows them all. All. There's a girl in a mirror in a house in a street in a country that doesn't want her from a land that wished her gone. Is it pain reflected in that little girl's eyes? Is it?

Keep On Dreaming (The Writer)

No time for the stories, the problems, the lies, I’m too busy staring at clear blue skies, Watching the cloudbursts fly over the hill, Whilst people accumulate trying to fill The holes in their hearts and the black in their souls; This life is for living not dragging through coals. Perhaps I’m a dreamer, a […]