50 Word Stories: Of Sneers and Smiles

When did our dreams wash away with the tide, hopes and aspirations, marvels and imaginations, fade into an obscure world of grey smoke and sneers? If they ever did at all, that is. I prefer to believe them temporarily suspended waiting for the smilers to wake and set them free.


   When did we lose what we’d already lost Days and nights blending to one seamless malaise How did the fabric rip when stitched so tight Melancholy raindrops playing our song Did the sun drop from the sky To mire in subterranean depths Or was it me that slipped between the cracks When least I […]

City Nights

Streetlights make tangerine marshmallows of the drifting clouds, everything’s unusual, everything’s not right. A rat skitters by and doffs his cap. I don’t think it odd, but do think a deerstalker would suit it better. Is this madness, or just city life? I no longer know. The concrete twists beneath my feet, ragged hedgerows spewing […]

50 Word Stories: Colourless

I stand in the middle of an open field waiting, always waiting. Arms extended, I spin and twirl and fall hoping for silver raindrops, porcelain snowflakes, or even the delicate pink of a Cherry Blossom tree to fall upon my skin. I seek some colour in this colourless world. Any.

50 Word Stories: Somewhere

The cliff sheltered him, legs dangling over the abyss. The world, a palette of rainbow colours, sat beneath like a sprawled map of mismatched definition. The climb had almost killed him, but from his eyrie, he would spy her, his one, his love. She was out there somewhere. Yes, somewhere.

One As Two

In the darkest shade of the widest tree Sat a fair girl, her smile, and me Hiding from all of the cruel in the world Watching forever its fingers unfurled Grasping as smogs its pollutants so dark Invading our world within secret park Stealing our futures, our hopes and our dreams As never does life […]


Confidence: Silent killer, The word that nips and chafes, Bullies and cajoles. To be blessed with a mouth Spouting trash And believing it. Wouldn’t it be divine to be so self-assured. In this world, This bizarre time that rewards the loudest, The talentless,  The foul-mouthed few There is no space for the uncertain. Better to […]

No Help Required

Defensive, offensive She spat out the words No aid required As if I’d not heard Rejected, dejected I’d just tried to help No doormat was I No useless young whelp Imploring, ignoring Whilst she on her knees Why are folk so crazy What mad worlds are these Depleted, defeated I just walked away That nasty […]