50 Word Stories: Coffee Concerns

“Something’s different with the coffee.” “No it’s not.” “Sure is. It’s more full-bodied, warming, cheerier somehow.” “You’re losing it!” “No, I’m not. I feel better for drinking it, happier, festive.” “At least it’s in a take out cup.” “Point being?” “You can drink it in the asylum.” “Merry Christmas.”

50 Word Stories: Licked

I collected her tears and set them on a plate where they settled to a crystal blue pond. The best years of our lives were captured on crockery with only me to see them. I gave them to the cat who licked them away. The best thing for us really.

50 Word Stories: Don’t Stop.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Don’t let the world hurt you, break you. Don’t let the bad and mad mould you. Don’t let them change you. Please, just never that. Whatever you do, my son, don’t ever stop being you.” And then she stopped. And for a time, so did I.

Incognito Iguanas

Incognito Iguanas “Shush!” “What are you doing?” I hissed. “Observing.” “Who?” “The observed.” That’s how the strangest meeting of my life began. It was only ever going to get worse. He pressed his face up to the glass so hard as to make his whole head seem flat, his green hat and emerald-trimmed glasses falling […]

50 Word Stories: Not For Gold

50 Word Stories: Not For Gold They offered gold. In shoals of aquamarine mystique, the Mermaids swam towards the moonlit, shipwrecked many in their little, wooden boats. They wouldn’t breach the surface preferring the comforts of liquidity to the surface storm. Refusing their gold was easy, (too heavy) refusing them, the hardest thing we ever […]

Lovers Lost to Time

Lovers Lost to Time We were the last, the free, two lovers emerged from night into a brand new day. I shielded Kara’s eyes, her arms too weak to lift unaided, and led her out of the caves into what remained. Gone were the cities, the dying and the dead, everything and anything replaced by […]

Aged by the Ocean

I took a breath as the whale dived beneath the churning ocean determined to hold it longer than him. Papa told me to stop being stupid when my face went red, then caved in and pretended to do so too. We sat in our little boat for almost an hour puffing our cheeks in and […]

Lady Death – My Lover

I feel Her. Lady Death stands at my shoulder sheltering this shivering form with a swept up cape. Cosseted by Her darkness, cold but comfortable, I wait to the ticking of my pocket watch. I hear Her. Her breath grazes my neck like that first Autumn frost. Beautiful in its own way. She moves closer, […]

50 Word Stories: Moonlit Memories

“Moon on the water. That’s how I want to go.” I never knew what my grandma meant by that until I approached her age. She’d sounded so defiant as she’d glared out of her window across the rippling, evening lake.  She passed the next morning, but her reflection still lingers.