Special Feature / Hugh Roberts

It gives me great personal pleasure to feature my friend and yours, Hugh Roberts. Hugh is always incredibly generous with his own time in relation to others, so it’s a pleasure to be able to return the favour. Please read and enjoy. Richard — Thank you so much to Richard for allowing me to take […]

New Release! Dark Fey: Breaking Into The Light

I’m delighted to be able to assist in announcing the arrival of the third and final part of my good friend Cynthia Morgan’s Dark Fey Trilogy. Breaking Into The Light is now available. As someone who has read both of its predecessors, I can recommend a truly outstanding set of books. Author: Cynthia A. Morgan […]

New Release: ENVY by Marnie Cate

I’m delighted to be able to announce the latest release, ENVY,  by my good friend and fellow author Marnie Cate. Please take a moment to have a read of Marnie’s words, admire her wonderful book cover and generally enjoy her work. I always do. Richard — Author: Marnie Cate Title: Envy: Protectors of the Elemental Magic Genre: Young […]

Guest Post – Kate Strawberry

Richard’s Note: I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Kate. A poet that I always enjoy reading, Kate also has her own growing editing business. Here is a sample of her work, which I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to click Kate’s name Kate Strawberry to take a look at her site. I know […]

Winter glass

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
(l.) Winter glass is yellowed with old sun mottled by bird claws resembling stained relief a mustard bath enclosing grief fields are reaped clear left to darken shaken fallow like wands of sadness where once they were bright alive with mice and voles claiming their hidden kingdom ears of corn straining…


Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
He had your ruddy skin capturing sunlight even as cold his fingers interlaced asleep in formaldehyde his eyelashes like a girls wet in regret nobody should die yet he would have said his lips pursed for thought devoid now the little children crowded coffins edges like spectators in miniature would he…