Dandelion Ghosts

Dandelion Ghosts I waited with trepidation for the dandelion seeds to take flight, I always had. There was something about them, something intangible almost like ghosts holding parasols with a license to roam both day and night. Ethereal in their opalescent beauty, the seeds appeared from mass, golden deaths to haunt the fields, roadsides and gardens for scant days each year. I imagined them drifting off into a pale nowhere that I alone would one day find. It saddened me that I didn’t. I’ve dreamed of that place where the dandelion seeds lie for so many years. One day, I’ll … Continue reading Dandelion Ghosts

The Held Breath

Golden light filtered through the aquamarine water casting opaque, rippling shadows across the seabed like clouds in a clear blue sky. The sun’s rays were never the same, always beautiful, a living, moving tapestry that rolled across the coral and kelp in endless cycles of underwater perfection. Turtles dove for it, sharks hunted for it, yet she of the periwinkle skin and lavender eyes wanted nothing more than escape. That’s what she told them when they caught her in their net, hauled her into the light, although all they heard was mindless bubbling. Dreams aren’t always worth a held breath. Continue reading The Held Breath