#VignetteSeries – Whispers in the Night

Author’s Note: Another throwaway item today. This was part of a ghost story I ditched. The man in question (the one doing the observing) is rather less alive than he imagines. His descent into madness begins.  They fluttered over the midnight graves like silver faeries. Larger than moths but no birds, the creatures shimmered in and out of existence like faulty film in a projector, here one moment gone the next. Vanishing from above one tombstone to reappear over another some distance away, I observed their goings on in absolute silence. The creatures, fey folk or whatever they were, … Continue reading #VignetteSeries – Whispers in the Night

Spring in Midwinter

Spring in Midwinter Midwinter offered a serene calm no other time of year could. I’d always loved the snow, how it crunched beneath my feet yet still soothed the soul, how it stole my breath in misting ghosts, how it numbed my fractured mind. I longed for it, yearned for it, prayed for its porcelain perfection. No words could’ve changed my opinion. You didn’t need them. Your eyes shone against the season’s stark charms, sparkled in the midwinter light; green like Spring, they overflowed with life. We passed each other with a polite smile, you stopping to ask the time. … Continue reading Spring in Midwinter

#VignetteSeries – Cucumber Sandwiches

Author’s Note: Here, Perkin Perkins clashes with Sir Magnus Monk over something rather less important than saving Britannia. As usual, his name is infinitely forgettable. “Damn you, Porklet, I asked for lettuce and tomato. Nay, demanded lettuce and tomato, and yet you bring me these. These!” “Perkins, sir. And I have brought you all we had left as I presumed it better than nothing at all.” “You presumed. You presumed!” “Yes, sir, though just once.” “Damn your insolence and damn these bloody sandwiches.” “Cucumber, sir.” “What!” “Cucumber. They are cucumber sandwiches.” “And they are my new favourite food,” rumbled a … Continue reading #VignetteSeries – Cucumber Sandwiches