#VignetteSeries – Troubled

Just some interplay today. “I have never been so troubled as I am right now.” “Right now.” “Yes, right now.” “That’s put a dampener on things.” “Why?” “Because I’ve never felt so elated.” “I see. Perhaps we might meet somewhere in the middle, a rendezvous of mediocrity, so to speak.” “You’re not suggesting…” “I am.” “Oh, God, we’re going to pretend we’re Belgiums!” “Sorry, though I feel a little better at the thought.” “And I feel only slightly less good.” “Hooray, three cheers for Belgium.” “Let’s make it two.” “Good point. Best to stay in character.” Continue reading #VignetteSeries – Troubled

#VignetteSeries – Ennui

Author’s note: Two sides of a coin here. I’m dabbling with these two. They’re growing on me. “Ennui is such a bore.” A man dressed in full funeral attire lay back on his chaise longue placing the back of one hand to his forehead. “Yes, tedious,” agreed his almost-twin, but in white. “It was not always this way. I remember when to lounge in languor was the done thing, desirable, even. To not commit to anything, to pacify for the sake of it and not because you couldn’t be arsed. Ah, those were the days.” “Are they so different?” “Oh, … Continue reading #VignetteSeries – Ennui

Winter glass

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
(l.) Winter glass is yellowed with old sun mottled by bird claws resembling stained relief a mustard bath enclosing grief fields are reaped clear left to darken shaken fallow like wands of sadness where once they were bright alive with mice and voles claiming their hidden kingdom ears of corn straining upward unfolding as sun shines we forget to wipe windows clear when clouds descend and rivers freeze closing off air closing off movement we retire in our woolen worlds tucking our chins against brutal cold like robins closing their red breasts and the light that… Continue reading Winter glass

#VignetteSeries – Miss Grace Grace

Grace is a character in two upcoming Steampunk novels. I like her, she has beauty and brains. At a time when women were often seen as secondary, Grace refuses to be. This is an early version of a finalised airship scene. "Look at him, Rochester, stood their like he owns the bloody place." "I see him and revile him. Too strong, Cobblethwaite?" "Not strong enough, my friend. I think we, as members of the gentry, should set him straight." "Here, here! After you." "After whom, gentlemen?" "Ah, Miss Grace." "Grace shall suffice." "Grace, then." "Might enquire what has riled you … Continue reading #VignetteSeries – Miss Grace Grace