4 Days Only!

They’ve only gone and done it! The good folk at Creativia Publishing have made The Eternals Kindle edition free through Feb 19th – 22nd. If you like a good Dark Fantasy story with rave reviews, a splash of Gothic and a hint of Dystopia please indulge yourselves whilst it costs you nothing to try. I genuinely hope you love The Eternals and its brooding protagonist Jean, and that it tempts you to sample Hunter Hunted Book 2 in the Series. If you love them both, then Book 3 Into Eternity, the final instalment, grows ever nearer to release.  The … Continue reading 4 Days Only!

#VignetteSeries – A Close Shave

#VignetteSeries – A Close Shave Author's Note: Our friend Officer Robertson can never do right for wrong. He's a composite character made up of…. well, me." "A close shave." "Indeed." "Your thought's, Robertson?" "Hmm… Well…" "Come on, man, spit them out." "I can only say this. If one is shaving anywhere other than the face, one should avoid menthol lubricants." "Pardon!" "Menthol lubricants, sir. It's rather like placing your components on a bed of ice cubes." "I see. Good advice." "Welcome." "But, Robertson?" "Sir." "What has that to do with the bullet narrowly missing his heart?" "Ah…" Continue reading #VignetteSeries – A Close Shave

#VignetteSeries – The Inventor

Author’s note: Robert Swift is a man ahead of his time, an inventor, recluse and opium addict. However, beneath the brilliance and despair, he is innocent. I think that makes him an interesting character to explore and I do so each day. His daughter, Luna, is something altogether more unusual, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations. “Loneliness happened upon me in stages I’d care not to share, one counts the shades in black for madness comes in no other. I confuse the two, I see it in your eyes. No, my dear, I do not. Insanity and sorrow are … Continue reading #VignetteSeries – The Inventor