Like The Seasons

 Cherry blossom petals torn from the tree, One epidermis shed in preparation for another, Stripped bare by cold, remorseless winds; This Spring made Winter in a mixed up morning. I see it all through watering eyes, alone, The sleek grass topped by sleet – a poor man’s dew – Grapples at my shoes, pulling me back, Or, perhaps, relentlessly pushing me away: I no longer notice the details I once savoured. My mouth is dry, tongue hanging lifeless, limp, An overactive imagination shattered by simple truth; Like the seasons, I have been found wanting Without ever realising I was … Continue reading Like The Seasons

A Dream So Real

Author’s Note: I’ve just spent five hours editing. It may have affected me.  I floated in amniotic fluids, life bursting all around. Creatures of all kinds and all descriptions, some of which beggared belief, swam and dipped before me. Above, a sun ten times that of which I knew blazed down as I fought to stay afloat. Tropical, one might have said, Caribbean, at least, I batted at beasts no larger than my fist hoping to stave off this madness. I would’ve called them fish, but fish, they were not. I spluttered as the sweet liquid entered my mouth … Continue reading A Dream So Real

The Superhero Dilemma

“She says she’s Poison Ivy like the comic character. She’s got the green tights and everything.” “A costume does not make someone a super villain.” I thought that a very grown up response for a twelve-year-old. “She’s poisoned me, too.” “What with?” “Liquorice. You know I’m allergic.” “Ah, but did she? She might’ve just got lucky.” I was on a roll. My brother pulled a face like a wet dog and scratched his matted hair. “No, you’re right,” he said after some thought.” “What do you want to do about it?” “The usual.” “I’m Batman,” I said quick as a … Continue reading The Superhero Dilemma