My WIP – Tales from the Irish Garden- with Illustrations by Donata Zawadzka

Originally posted on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life:
I first published the following story in February of this year and at the time Donata Zawadzka had just been introduced to me by Paul Andruss.  Tales from the Irish Garden was just a twinkle in my eye, but I was already writing some stories down to be included. Eight months on and I am delighted to say that Donata has now produced four wonderful illustrations that I will be using as part of the artwork for the collection. Because I loved this illustration so much, I have also… Continue reading My WIP – Tales from the Irish Garden- with Illustrations by Donata Zawadzka

The Philosopher’s Voice

The Philosopher’s Voice “It’s a dream, an endless looping dream. We evolve from their template into something else, and when we reach maturity of mind, that certain level of science, they end us. By hook or by crook, we’re done for. There’s no hope. No happy ending. No golden tomorrow. We discover the undiscoverable then have the answer snatched away.” “After that?” “It starts all over again just somewhere else. Like I said, an endless looping dream.” “So you’ve got it all worked out.” “I have.” “Not much point in living when you’ve nothing to live for.” “No.” “So final.” … Continue reading The Philosopher’s Voice

If Ever We Never

If ever we never Think for ourselves Then thought for thought’s sake Is wasted for all — If ever we never Dispel unknown truths Then truths become pointless Wrongs running free — If ever we never Stand up and shout Then voices are useless Brains just the same — If ever we never Take time from the crap Then all that is good still Will be lost in the night — If ever We never Continue reading If Ever We Never