Through necessity is determination found In direst need where once thought not We circulate the impossible  And attain that which was less than probable What appeared beyond us now in reach The horizon attainable The dreams we sheltered like precious seeds Brought to fruition through flesh and steel When life said no, we said yes Or so we allow ourselves to believe For, in truth, it was merely necessity And from this point forth shall be the ordinary Continue reading Necessity

In Any Other World

In any other world, we would have been lovers Plucked from the same ripening tree. If obstructed, we’d have twined our vines about them,  Throttled those who’d deny us our destiny, Leapt towards the light unrestrained. Nothing would have prevented the inevitable, For life itself would have driven us on; It had to, you see. In any other world, any other time, Any other realm but this, we would, But it isn’t and we aren’t, And regrets won’t make it so. Continue reading In Any Other World

Childhood Lost

Beneath crayola skies, we lingered, Watching little butterflies flit between branches, Laughing at the starlings as they caused kerfuffles That only they knew And only they could end. This place of colour, light and creation, Unsullied by adolescent snobbery And adult ignorance, bewitched us. When did we lose it? When did we lose us? We sit looking at a leaden heaven Impervious even to X-ray eyes, Refusing to divulge either answers or lies With weights heavier than hearts should be Pulling at our cavernous chests. This is not us. This is not the way we should be. Childhood has bequeathed … Continue reading Childhood Lost