The Route

Route 66, East to West Peddle to the floor Hair a mess Driving a daydream Nightmare or more Is this forever Where the road is the law Passing the steers Who nod and agree Each carrying less Than my mental debris Faster and faster Just fumes for a bride The Pacific, it beckons Blue seas […]

The Bite

Such candid emotions They bite at your skin Nipping and teasing out the truth Un-gentle persuasions So close to true pain That know the answers before they are given Shaking out falsities Like a dog with a bone Whose teeth will never blunt And eyes never tire But the last laugh is yours As the […]

Our Essence

We tumbled, drifted, tumbled again Just us against the wind, You and I, me and you, Leaves in a tempest, Feathers on the wing; Watching our lives pass With smiles on our faces Never wondering when we’d land, Nor if there we’d settle Like snowflakes made snow, Blanketing the bad world So all we’d know […]

Fade Away

Fade Away Fade away: Another page in life’s book Flipped by celestial fingers. Fade away: This uncontrollable fate Closed to the past. Fade away: Whilst still I might bear it Without recriminations. Fade Away: A new year pulses Behind these eyes. Fade away: Say goodbye, For I’ll never see you… Again.