50 Word Stories – The Dilemma

The Dilemma We found there to be an unlimited amount of time and consideration put into their dilemma. The tribespeople talked amongst themselves in whatever language it was, shook their spears and shared some strange, green smoke emitting pipe. After two or three hours, they came to a decision: They ate us.

50 Word Stories: Everywhere 

Lost in a swirl of endless beginnings, we closed our eyes and prayed.  “Hold on!” cried Pete. Around and around, we span. “This is it!” bellowed Maureen. With pops as of a punctured bubbles, we all tumbled onto the carpet. “Where’ve you been this time?” asked mum. “Everywhere,” we laughed.

The In-between

We were tired, so tired. The trip by train across two continents and seventeen nations had worn at our souls if not our eyes. Each new day had offered experience, adventure, and a test of not falling asleep. Yet in all those hours, those moments in time, the one view I’d savoured most was the […]

50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

The road coughed up dust like a cat a hairball, neither pleasant and both lasting too long. I'd traveled the same baked mud for ten days on an incline that wore at the soul. When the horizon fell away, however, a new land unrolling like a tapestry, I remembered why.

Surfing Stars

 Every boat had a captain, ours just happened to surf stars. Instead of water, he had the universal currents of space, riding the night in endless gravitational waves. We had no idea how he knew where to head, (it all looked the same to us,) but he did. One day, or night, or evening, […]