INTO ETERNITY has arrived. The Stunning Climax to THE ETERNALS SERIES. Book 3 of THE ETERNALS SERIES “So this is what Eternity looks like.” Prince Grella Queen Serena and her allies have fled the Nordic massacre, taking Princess Linka with them. For Jean, it’s heartbreak; for Merryweather and the abandoned Aurora, far worse. Not even […]

Celebrating with Vienetta 

I celebrated setting up my Amazon Author pages (at least in the US & Uk / no mean feat for a TechnoJerk) by eating far, far, far, far too much Wall’s Mint Vienetta. I am an extremely healthy person and am now regretting this. Or am I? Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated nor […]

Urban Amazon

 Words drip liquid silk Eyes flare bright from lashes, caged  Smile invites: predatory Royalty by action, not birth She lives to be obeyed A force of nature, elemental Unparalleled in grace, a killer  She stalks the sidewalks, alleys As she would verdant jungle Lipstick, her spear Compact, her shield Man, her prey: all men; any man; me   (Image courtesy of SatanikBlood on

Amazon Dreams

Chocolate serpent of meandering length How you twist and turn Through the verdant greenery Past dangers untold And beauty unrivalled Ancient yet new To be a twig upon your writhing body Drifting to some unknown shore To taste the salt on your skin Hear the chorus of gulls above Tis a journey seated deep in […]