Liquid Gold

 Without reason or regret, we hid behind the broken buildings. They had to come! The hours passed like slugs in a foot race, slow, slow, slower. Would they come? Midnight clouds crackled with the contained might of the universe, a pulsing, throbbing, sentient sky. Was it them? They dropped from heaven like liquid gold, […]

The Rainstorm

Like a drowned rat my mum always used to say. I couldn’t have described it better myself. Cold, wet and tired, I splashed home through slick city streets with no other wish but to get out of the rain. Any meagre shelters, shop fronts and the like, were taken and all were unwilling to share. […]

Falling Fallen Fall

Ungraceful, I fell, a tumbling decline, thunder in my heels and lightning in my eyes. That flirtation with gravity unbecoming; the great equaliser, less than a bird, more than a bat. Time, they said: to think; to weep; to pray. But as I plummeted the ground closing like an opened eye, I had but one […]

Dark Angel

In the arms of angels, we sleep Cosseted from a darkness Whose midnight tendrils feel for us, Searches us out in this teetering existence, Listens for our heartbeat In this reality not made for individuals, This collective whole, this solo pursuit. But it finds me; she calls it. My angel has wings of black feathers, […]


Coruscating Less an explosion of twinkling lights, more an amendment to the general beauty of the night, she slipped from heaven in rainbow waves. I shielded my eyes, who wouldn’t have, but never closed them. No, not once did I tear my eyes from her, so magical was she. A bioluminescent marvel, I thought myself […]