Award Nomination

Award Nomination Your Country Needs you! (Actually, I need you.) The Eternals (complete with its beautiful new cover) has made the shortlist for The 5o Best Indie books of 2016: Paranormal category. Just to have been nominated was wonderful, but I’ve now made the last twenty. Voting is open until December 16th. If anyone out […]

Hunter Hunted / Available Now!

It’s not just a new U.S President that’s big news this week. The eagerly anticipated next book in The Eternals Series, HUNTER HUNTED, is now available. This is the culmination of almost two years work. Following Immediately on from its Dark Fantasy brother, The Eternals, HUNTER HUNTED sees Jean and the Princess Linka cross paths […]

Hooray! It’s New Covers Time.

The Eternals New cover has gone live. At least on kindle, anyway. I don’t get too worked up on these sort of things as a rule,  but I think the difference is staggering and the new typesetting AWESOME. I’ve put the two versions together so you can see what I mean and then the finished article. I […]

The Writing Regime

I often receive emails and Facebook messages from people who are just starting out writing asking for advice. I always say just keep writing and don’t let anyone ever tell you, you aren’t good enough. Even Michael Jordan couldn’t dunk baskets aged two, it took time. Then I usually go through the, What are you asking me […]

New Covers!

I just thought I’d share this rather snazztastic (that’s my own word, but you can use it if you want) New Cover that I’ve just approved. The Eternals now has new typesetting to match Hunter Hunted and I’m very pleased with it if I don’t say so myself. Which I do. And here is the […]

Book Launch Announcement!

This is another of those fantastic occasions when I can give something back to a fellow writer. Michelle is a wonderful new author from the same publishing house as myself, Creativia. To anybody in the London area of the UK, I would encourage them to check the following out. To anybody else interested in Urban Fiction, check out […]

The Broken Girl

I was going to try and scare the bejesus out of you all, but opted for this instead. I hope you enjoy my Halloween treat. Richard The Broken Girl She lay in the road like a deer or a dog, a broken object meant for better things, a crumpled mess. I pulled the jeep over […]

OMG! They’ve used my Concept Art

On a vaguely Halloween topic, the link being The Eternals is Dark Fantasy, I got a wonderful email from my publisher today. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I sent some original concept art to Creativia, publishers of The Eternals, to assist them with my vision of things. It turned out they […]

The Writing Process (Kiss and Tell)

The Writing Process (Kiss and Tell) That really is my hand and I want no unauthorised use of it. These last few weeks, I have undertaken a writing marathon. Whilst awaiting the cover and final layouts of book two of The Eternals trilogy, Hunter Hunted, I decided to crack on with unfinished storytelling business. Today, […]