New Author Page For Friends

Dear all; I have just published a new page on my site. This addition is dedicated to all my good pals in the book business. I have placed links to as many of you as I could think of off the top off my head. If you’re my pal, your books are clean, and you […]

The Author List

This is the second and final part of my lists posts after The Book List yesterday. These are the lists that define my reading and writing career so far. Again, I have put this in a rough chronological order from young to now. There is not one author here that appears on my book list. […]

For The Love Of Books

The walk into the city of York, England, was a long one for a lad just bordering his teens. There were two routes into the city from Acomb: dark alleyways, a tunnel and a very grotty bridge but with the payoff of walking past the Railway Museum, or the more straightforward but hilly stroll through […]