Something to Ponder

Author's Note: Something a little different today that got me thinking. Whilst hitching a ride to the coffee shop with my wife, we turned into the shopping park where it's located and saw something highly unusual. I always keep an eye out for wildlife, I love nature, and spotted a bird I'd never before seen […]

50 Word Stories: It’s all Black and White

“It’s a blackbird.” “It’s a seagull.” “I know why you’d say that, but you’re wrong. It’s an albino blackbird.” “It’s a seagull.” “No, it’s a blackbird without pigment.” “It’s a seagull.” “I assure you, as a practising ornithologist, that’s a blackbird.” “Then why’s it eating a fish?” “Must be hungry.”

In White

 They came as an armada of white bobbing atop the windswept waters. Even without a sun to cast bright rays upon them, they gleamed with a magnificence our best could not match. Prows raised, proud before our feeble defenders, they cut the waves in two without even trying. There was no doubt who’d won […]

# 50 Word Stories: The Robin

50 Word Stories: The Robin  For seven years, the Robin sang every morning at six o'clock. Regardless of season, weather, light or dark, the same little bird trilled me a special wake-up call. I expect that's why it hurt when he left. The mornings lost their exuberance. I couldn't bear to say he'd died.

50 Word Stories: The Eyrie

 We lived overlooking a valley of patchwork greens and threads of interlacing brown. Occasionally, creatures moved along these threads like ants over an anthill or fish through a muddied stream. I watched them as they often watched me. The bang one made confused, until I fell, my jigsaw view broken.