Being Poppies

 There’s no such beauty as a sea of poppies Swaying in swathes of red. There’s no such joy as that delicate lace, The lifeblood of Gaia for us exposed. Let that royal elixir fill our every pore And transfuse our souls with hers.

#VignetteSeries – Like Milk

Author’s Note: Just in case you ever wondered.  To flow unadulterated, undiluted from a neck of porcelain perfection, white as bleached bones, soft as melting candle wax, one would have presumed it tasted like milk. One would have presumed many things of my profession, my life. Almost all of course would be wrong. Such […]

Always Tomorrow 

I collated the data, crunched the numbers, extrapolated every last minutiae, distilled it all down to one cold hard truth: I loved her. So why didn’t I feel it in my heart? Why didn’t I get that chill one should? Question after endless question. I licked the blood from my lips and shrugged as her soul […]


Like a graze, he moves, scabbing over the sidewalk in dried crimson. His eyes give him away; they flitter over the real world seeing through it, around it. A flailing moon is caught like a fish on a dangling rod, impaled on a celestial hook. The scab has waited, lingered in the shadows awaiting this. […]

50 Word Stories: Even Blood

Where there were birds, there are bats. Where once there was sun, now, only moon. Inverted, I inhabit a world reversed, everything the same, yet not. A monochrome existence of contrast turned high, I seek the crimson of life. But even blood runs black in the evening. Yes, even blood.