Six Word Stories: Age

Broken whistle: I need a pea.


She is the same
The girl in the meadow
Wild dancer at night
The mother in childbirth
Long nights on the riviera
She remembers them all
Feels them all
Even still hears and smells them
Yet, her shell is different
More aged
Proof of life
Some would say
But not she
For she still walks barefoot in the grass
And stares at the stars
Drinks water, not whiskey
Laughs at her pets
No, she’s no different
Not inside
Not really
It’s everything and everyone
Yes, that’s it
Them, not her
As she creaks with the shopping
Her slippers, threadbare
Teddy on her pillow
Still kissed goodnight
But not for long
Not for long

Sheer Indulgance 

There are times when the health apps, training and even the writing has to be put to one side. They are times for the mind and body to wind down recoup and recharge. For me these days have been few and far between in recent times. But today I lapsed, my better judgement kicked out of a too busy brain, my usual resolve shattered. I relaxed into a few minutes (yes, that’s all it took) of sheer Indulgance and scoffed a tub of Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream. I loved every single lick of the spoon. I know that tomorrow I’ll feel obliged to blast it out of my body, but tonight, I just don’t care. 



So very hot:
Sweat, no time to drip
Beneath a lemon-drop sun;
I’m being steamed,
Cooked alive.
I dissipate in clouds of me,
As shade eludes,
Cold water offering momentary bliss,
Nothing more.
Is this summer
Or just a taste of hell,
I know not?
And as I search for more buttons to loose,
Am too hot to care.
Looks like a steamy night ahead
But minus the smiles.

Arterial Thoughts

 The arteries of life
 Reach unto the eaves of Earth.
 Such delicate entwinements,
 Though falsely termed as strong,
 I watch wan light bleed through them
 And wonder on the day.
 Their shadow, cast upon this equally weak chest,
 Reinforces my own cavernous interior
 Though from the outside, not within.
 Yet, still, hope they bring.
 I just pray that my own filaments
 Will reach as far.