Hunter Hunted Available Today!

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND KINDLE FORMATS. Life is a collection of colours when all you’ve known is night. Sir Walter Merryweather Eternals exist beneath the Arctic ice, a secretive albino breed. A domain of ruby half-light and absolute night, patrolled by orcas intent on killing all within, Hvit is a city to avoid. Jean, […]

Disdain: A Portrait of a Burdened Man

Jean is Eternal. How he despises it! Disdain is an art form infrequently perfected To remain apart, whilst not Be whispered of in both dread and desire Shake the feathers of a raven, yet appear a swan And do it all with a certain panache A certain dark nonchalance To be a fly in the […]

The Eternals: An Extract

This short passage is taken from Chapter 15: Majesty. Jean and Princess Linka peruse her father’s Rhineland Palace gardens at night. I made the odd comment out of politeness, but felt more comfortable when we moved outside into the beautifully featured gardens.  “I must say this is all in good taste.”  “Sorry, my love, I […]


In my first published novel, The Eternals, Jean, the anti-hero struggles with many issues. This is a snapshot of his troubled mind and his difficulties with being a creature of the night. Amazon (US) Amazon (UK)

The Nordics: The Eternals

Author’s note: The Nordic Eternals were born from a vision of vampiric albinism, myth and an Arctic homeland no one else could ever know. They moved with a fluidity I’d never witnessed, so fast as to blur, so slow as to be serene. They led us through a tangle of ruined bodies in a blaze […]