She found me gasping in the space between caught breaths. “Are you well?” I tried, how I tried, but the words wouldn’t come out. “Can I help you?” I wanted to say yes, to beg for her aid. “Well, you are an odd one,” she said, taking my hand and sitting down. “I’ll stay with […]

The Fall

The longest breath Will it never exhale This tumbling life A leap on a whim Patchwork perforations Suffer the distance Only a grounding awaits Still, so far Distraction required Eyes locked on the horizon Eternity in a view What a way to go Exhale over

50 Word Stories: The Escape

  Winter strove to draw the girl’s essense; she swept it back in with blue-tinged fingers. Her breath made swirling strikes for freedom, all those curling plumes of self, but the little girl required them more. At eight, she’d still so many sparkling winters to see.