50 Word Stories: Time To Think

Drivers race up and down the street as though late for their own funerals. Carry on and they won't be. The world's in such a rush. Everybody's doing nothing quickly. I watch from the rocking chair my grandfather made when people did instead of didn't, sip tea and consider things.

50 Word Stories: Wet Dreams

I love the rain like white noise, not just in the space between my ears, but the space between worlds. I love the rain, how it cleans the air and gives freedom to every single breath, refreshing. I love the summer rain best, an all encapsulating balm. Today, it’s sunny.


In the quiet times When the stars spill into infinity And black takes on darker hues A settled obsidian Silence becoming so loud It reaches such crescendos of nothingness That even an eyelid closing Sends ripples throughout forever Where waves echo through time Through all that was and is Perhaps, even imprinting on what will […]

Soundless Beauty

In flowing arcs and dramatic, sloping wonderment the Buddhist temple beckoned. I’d expected a more muted home to those peaceful men with their simple robes and universally shaved heads. But it was none of this that captured me, the ancient glory, the all-knowing wink to a quiet religion, but the single lotus flower that sat […]