50 Word Stories – Outfoxed

50 Word Stories – Outfoxed “Did you see that fox watching the chickens?” “No, mum.” “He was licking his lips.” “Sorry.” “Is that all you’ve got to say? He could ruin us, you know!” “He won’t.” “Oh, do explain.” “He’s full.” “What do you mean, he’s full?” “I fed him dad’s dinner an hour ago.”

50 Word Stories: Loss

50 Word Stories: Loss There were reasons for our languor, our permanent malaise. We discussed them like all good parents would but never found a satisfactory answer. If there was one? Sat on our porch, we even cuddled one tangerine sunrise whilst watching the yard; it lit her twisted bike like a burnt memory. 

50 Word Stories: Everywhere 

Lost in a swirl of endless beginnings, we closed our eyes and prayed.  “Hold on!” cried Pete. Around and around, we span. “This is it!” bellowed Maureen. With pops as of a punctured bubbles, we all tumbled onto the carpet. “Where’ve you been this time?” asked mum. “Everywhere,” we laughed.

Liquid Gold

 Without reason or regret, we hid behind the broken buildings. They had to come! The hours passed like slugs in a foot race, slow, slow, slower. Would they come? Midnight clouds crackled with the contained might of the universe, a pulsing, throbbing, sentient sky. Was it them? They dropped from heaven like liquid gold, […]

50 Word Stories: Shades of Night

“There are many shades of night, child, multiple blacks.” “Black is black, and it scares me.” The old woman smiled. “When the cold comes, we treasure the moments before sleep wrapped in blankets, our eyes closing, bodies warming, don’t we?” “Yes.” “As I said, there are many shades of night.”

50 Word Stories: Monumental

She screwed up her face, doing that wrinkly thing with her nose, tapped her fingernails on her front teeth to a clickety-click and looked to the sky. Those choices teased at her like cream hanging from a cat’s whiskers. Decision made, her declaration was monumental. “Lemonade please.” Job done.