She was an invaluable member of the team, or so they claimed. The promised wine flowed, and Rachael basked in the admiration of her fellow co-workers. The bigwigs remained silent simply nodding their agreement here and there, raising their glasses in unison as if mannequins attached to the same string, gifting the occasional smile. We […]

50 Word Stories: Scaredy-cats

A menacing exchange of glowering, slitted eyes, the two antagonists circled in soundless rage. Not for the faint-hearted, each appraised the other like Great White sharks in oceanic depths unwilling to fight unless necessary. Who'd blink first? Who'd rule the street? A hiss, a meow, and the ginger cat fled.


Translucent Author’s Note: I recently shared this story on the wonderful Nicola Auckland‘s blog and have also just published it on Medium. I wouldn’t want anyone having to read it who already has. However, I wanted to showcase this on my own site because I don’t often publish stories that I would say are very […]


 Derelict, we stand Bathed by our own shadows Memorials to the past Forgotten monoliths Straight-backed, yet crooked Gathered together In gloom, we're presiding We grey men Mirroring real life

50 Word Stories: Tokyo Nights

 My overwhelming impression was one of colour. If ever a place wrapped you in the protective cocoon of butterfly wings, it was this. Tokyo blazed with vermillions, neons and citrines each more resplendent than the next, each devastating in conception. Beautiful I thought, as I tried to remember the moon.

Imperfect Dreams

Imperfect Dreams Imperfect Dreams I’d dreamt of gold and glass and colour and light and beauty and women with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. The city I stood in was none of those things. Was a lie a lie to everyone or just the person who’d envisioned it? Was it wrong […]