50 Word Stories – The Dilemma

The Dilemma We found there to be an unlimited amount of time and consideration put into their dilemma. The tribespeople talked amongst themselves in whatever language it was, shook their spears and shared some strange, green smoke emitting pipe. After two or three hours, they came to a decision: They ate us.

50 Word Stories – Pay Attention

“Pay attention, small fry,” he said, which got our backs up straightaway. “I’m giving one unbreakable command. Understand?” We nodded. “Don’t follow.” With that, he stepped off the cliff and into the void. “He ain’t tellin’ me what to do!” I bellowed. So I suppose it was my fault really.

50 Word Stories: The Strain

The emotional price put an unbearable strain on her heart. It wore at her like a diet of sandpaper and shale. She tried her best to hide it, brush it off even. But I knew better. One day she'd get that handbag. It was something she just had to do.

A Purgatory For Modern Times

 I stepped in a puddle and sank through to somewhere else. There was no sun, no moon, no darkness or light just an incessant glare like a pearlescent lightbulb on a dimmer switch. Panicking, I felt about with the intention of clutching the first tangible object and not letting go; I found nothing. This […]

50 Word Stories: The Catch

We always said we'd be there to catch each other. You do when you're young and in love. We were so convinced, so sure of our commitment that when we fell, it came as a genuine shock. Well, maybe less so for me. I had my hands behind my back.

The Problem with Willard

There wasn’t one particular issue with Willard. That would have been much too easy to sort. Neither was there lots of individual issues. That too would have oversimplified the situation. No, much as it pains me to admit it, him being my brother and all, but Willard himself was the problem. Where most spoke, Willard […]

50 Word Stories: Meooooowwww!

 I'm most excited when the cat stops meowing, if a lawnmower crossed with a glockenspiel can be called that? This is because I've booted him beyond the range of my hearing. You might think this harsh, evil even, but I assure you, it's not. I'm always wearing my softest slippers.

50 Word Stories: Pooling

 I watch the koi swim in endless circles as if health and safety inspectors checking and double checking the construction of their pool; it must be a terrible worry. I pity them, and voice my concerns suggesting a security certificate to help. My brother laughs and falls in. Too late.

Fantasy Foods

 The Phoenix hatched from an egg I threw in the fire. I held it in my hand as its heat intensified until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Out it popped, a Phoenix. I’d swapped the egg with an old woman at work who had black teeth and a pointed hat. I didn’t know her, […]