50 Word Stories: A Devil of a Deal

I promised him everything; it wasn't enough. Fifty years of saving, collecting, consuming without practical purpose, wasted. There at the end of all things, as my tongue withered and eyes crisped, the devil wouldn't even sell me some water. Maybe that was my torment? Maybe he just wanted a laugh?

50 Word Stories: Untouched

The sun burned with a ferocity to melt the night back to nothingness, birds in the sky cooked in mid-flight. Every puddle and every window flashed molten madness, people passing by incinerated, black shoe prints their legacy. I didn’t. Then again, I wouldn’t. The devil looks after his own.

Hope Is Half of Hopeless

Tis a solitary confinement this existence I lead, where the light of day goes unseen, dusk and dawn forming an intangible prison, a clock. To live within a time span is inhuman, when one should range amongst forever. I shall think on this. I do a lot of thinking. To be expelled in favour of […]

Dancing with the Devil

   There are times as I dally and I dither and I wait when I would wish for things to have transpired in other ways. That is a lie. There are not times, there are all times for it has become an obsession. I wish to leave this place. I wish to go home. I […]

50 Word Stories: Call Me Apocalypse 

“I’m burning.” “You are not.” “I burn!” “No, the world burns.” “Where is this?” “Best you don’t know.” “Why?” “It would upset you.” “Why is that an issue?” “It is not good to upset you.” “But this place.” “Your place.” “This fire.” “Your fire.” “And, you?” “Call me, Apocalypse.”


Hidden in a midnight eve Darkest vision did perceive Heart of glass, onyx black Devil seeking to get back Locked me with a crimson gaze Eyes of his, so fierce ablaze Twisting all that I did know Deepest thoughts hidden below And though I wished to hasten, run Scatter like a dying sun I stood […]

The Pulsating World

The sky hung in globular lumps. An insipid colour, neither yellow nor brown, the clouds sought to contain the fingers of some unspeakable god that poked and prodded at their lurid viscosity. I hoped upon hope that they held. The house on the hill that sat below that awful pigmentation remained silent its owner asleep, or […]

Kill Me Again

 Wastrel, he lent up against the damp, brick wall, as though basking in some ancient, opulent palace. “Are you ever gonna get off your arse?” the older man scowled, pausing in his sweeping of the roadside. “You ain’t the boss of me,” the youth replied. “If he catches you, you’re a dead man.” “Harrumph!” “I’m trying to look out for […]

The Pure & The Devil

El Diablo seeks our souls, His taloned hands pounding on Hell’s walls. We stand our ground, Listening. Hoofed feet aflame step out of the darkness  Burning with the hurt of the haunted. We stand our ground, Preparing. Sequestered from mankind, the darkness his domain, He takes a moment to appraise his prey. We stand our ground, Appraising […]