The Buffer Conversation

Author’s Note: As you all know, I’m in the business of making things up. However, real life can be just as extraordinary. Here is my latest conversation with a WordPress friend regarding her blog post and its redistribution. I use an app called Buffer. The conversation went as follows.

An Unexpected Ride

Author’s Note: I was recently treated to an app that makes scripts from your notes. I have found this a real joy to use as I can pour myself into dialogue whenever I like and the whole thing comes out clean for later use. In fact, I can’t stop. Here is a little scene from […]

Little Bird

Author’s Note: This is a scene I have decided not to use from my latest Steampunk Fantasy. The beautiful Miss Grace Grace has fallen foul of the evil Sir Magnus Monk, or so he thinks.  “I prefer the subtle prod, the suggestive wink, the perfect persuasion. Life is too short to wallow in misery […]

The Teacup Keep-up Farce.

 “The most fun I’ve ever had with a teacup was kicking one up in the air like a football for as long as I could.” “A teacup?” “Yes, a teacup.” “How many keep-ups did you manage?” “How many what?” “Keep-ups. That’s what they call it when you keep a football in the air. I […]

Wales All Over Again

 "I'll never forget stepping onto the summit of Mount Everest, the world at my feet, reaching for God's hand." "It was a small, Welsh hill and even then you got a nose bleed." "That's not how I remember it and I've a photographic memory." "Yeah, it's often negative and like the rest of you, […]

50 Word Stories: It’s all Black and White

“It’s a blackbird.” “It’s a seagull.” “I know why you’d say that, but you’re wrong. It’s an albino blackbird.” “It’s a seagull.” “No, it’s a blackbird without pigment.” “It’s a seagull.” “I assure you, as a practising ornithologist, that’s a blackbird.” “Then why’s it eating a fish?” “Must be hungry.”