Without Purpose – The Dreamer

Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash
Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash

The purposeless are, by their very definition, without purpose. And, they say a man without purpose is a man without life. But what of dreams?

There is no purpose to a dream other than to release the mind of the burden of memory. A dream collates the recent past and merges it with the distant to form an almost reality. This reality is lived through on fast-forward to cram as much new experience into as few minutes as possible, or else what was the point?

My father said dreams existed to fill in a blank, one he preferred, which also accounted for his claims of not having them. Perhaps this meant he was a man of purpose, for whom dreams therefore served no purpose.

I, however, am proud to have no purpose. I am purposeless. This is a state I revel in. In truth, I sometimes wish I’d never wake up. Often, I’m uncertain whether I have.

This dreamer will continue to dream.

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