Keep On Dreaming (The Writer)

No time for the stories, the problems, the lies,
I’m too busy staring at clear blue skies,
Watching the cloudbursts fly over the hill,
Whilst people accumulate trying to fill
The holes in their hearts and the black in their souls;
This life is for living not dragging through coals.
Perhaps I’m a dreamer, a lightheaded fool?
Or worse still a writer whose pen is his tool?
I know I’m the odd one, of that there’s no doubt,
But I’ll keep on dreaming whilst you work it out.

Golden Waves of Life

 Roll away
 In gentle breeze
 Across the fields,
 Across the seas.
 Golden touch
 Of lighted ground,
 I’ll sail o’er thee,
 Nowhere bound.
 Horizon looks
 To ebb and flow-
 To yonder shores
 Of golden snow,
 Where dreams
 Will settle on the sand
 Of seasonal charms
 In distant land.
 Such beauty, friends,
 It tints my eye,
 Don’t let such things
 Just wash on by.

You’re Not Alone

 Don’t let anyone tell you
 You can’t: because you can.
 Don’t ever shy away from
 Your talent: it’s a talent.
 Don’t ever let anyone put
 You down: at least you try.
 Don’t ever let anyone belittle
 Your gifts: they’re gifts.
 There’s lots of could, would, and should people out there!
 But if you’re reading this, you aren’t one of them.
 Keep dreaming; keep thinking; keep imagining,
 And believe me when I say
 You’re not alone.

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