This notion of emotion is milking me dry

This potion, this lotion it just makes me sigh

Plastering my body in what makes me my

But my’s not for sharing and that is no lie

So here in my corner with darkness I’ll fly

Constraints I am cutting, for me time to… die


 Caught in a tempest
 A cyclone of you
 Winds circle round me
 Ruby lips, too
 Hands are upon me
 Nails digging in
 Scratching and scraping
 Breath is leaving
 Lungs are contracting
 I feel you so near
 The eye of the storm
 But for me it’s unclear
 You’re elemental
 I’m only me
 Tempestuous meeting
 Best douse in the sea

Stole Away

 Sometimes when the heavens pour,
 The lightening cracks and storm does roar,
 I love to stand out in the rain
 And call to you, release my pain.
 I feel the need to vent this rage;
 A judge to sanity some may gauge?
 Such morbid pastime they might say,
 But it wasn’t them who stole away?

 (Image courtesy xGothicKittyx on deviantart.com)