The Sorry Syndrome

It was not an admission of guilt, but a cry for help. Words didn’t come easy to Simon. Most children learnt early that a ‘Sorry’ whether meant or not would alleviate situations that otherwise might end with a slap. Sorry was a get-out clause written into childhood law. Sorry was the most perfect word ever […]

50 Word Stories: Evil Treacle

 An all-encompassing darkness licks my feet like an oil slick of repugnant, black something-or-other. I can neither place nor verbalise this nightmare essence, yet I focus on its swirling self for good reason. Life flows through this evil treacle, and though I wish it, it's not mine.

The Fabric Girl

The Fabric Girl There was never so lonely a child as she. The fabric girl, I called her because her eyes must have been stitched together to not see what he did to her, to them. That was a lifetime ago. I was young then and understood less than I should’ve. In adulthood, I’ve known […]

50 Word Stories: Unknown

 Her panicked eyes glared, her small form backing beneath the kitchen table like a rabbit into a hole. She feared me, though, we'd never met. I took her father's hand and shook it, a firm, confident handshake. I'd known him twenty years, but suspected I'd never known him at all.

The Seed

The seed inveigles. The seed entwines. Reaching up through circulatory systems, clawing its way up arteries, sniffing its way in waves of red corpuscles, the seed seeks to become and replace, kill and attack. Being on the interior is how it works tricking hosts by feigning itches and indigestions, heartburns and heartaches. But it cannot […]


Richard: A little something in preparation for later this month. From the depths of a dream or way below, where pinprick eyes and sawtooth teeth proliferated, the dark one came. Nobody heard it. Nobody saw it. Everybody felt it. They claimed it an earthquake, a freak of nature, a thus far unknown fault in the […]


They came for me last night, those beasts with cobweb wings Billowing in the moonlight, they flittered through a window I heard the scratching of steel talons on the sill It drowned out the indefinite whines of society Until, silence purveyed, purchased to disguise Purchased to cover what they were here to do, prevailed All […]


It lay behind her eyes, something unwanted, something not quite right. If you watched her closely, it flickered like a firefly at midnight or a snake’s tongue tasting for death. Her eyelids would pulse like the tide pouring in, her lashes twitch like wind-blown branches. She unnerved; I was unnerved. I never knew what happened […]

Unbreakable, She Dances

Adorned in scarves of rusting shackles, she twirls amidst the nightscape gloaming It is her time, the quiet time, the time when others can’t see her dance With fireflies and fairies, she jingles and clinks trapped in a marriage of the unappreciated She is nothing, a nobody, a slave, he says from vile upturned lips […]