Crystal (A Short Fairytale)

Crystal (A Short Fairytale) I was no hero, no great warrior built to crush skulls with one hand whilst drinking flagons of ale with the other. I was a nobody, but somebody had to save her and everyone else was dead. The heroes had entered the castle with flashing swords and raucous battle cries. Not […]

Hansel and Gretel – Undone.

The children turned their backs on the screams of anguish. A wailing and caterwauling as of the denizens of Hell itself split the crackling confines of the single room. Overheated candy popped in the lush walls, overcooked gingerbread smouldered in the crossbeams, but Hansel and Gretel refused to leave until they knew her dead. It […]

The Rose Petal Princess

They threw rose petals before her everywhere she went. It didn’t matter if she meandered through a meadow or walked upon a stage, her servants were always there red petals in hand. Such was the lot of Princess Shalah, the most beautiful girl in the world. I think it was her graciousness that endeared her […]

Fantasy: A Fairytale

Beyond the wood of thorn and briar, The mountains sharp, the emerald fire; Lies such a castle dark and grim It could only belong to Him, And there atop the highest tower Sleeps innocence upon a pyre. A twisted demon lords o’er her, He coverts all the sweet demure. He fawns and slurps and rubs […]

Once Upon An Ending

 Once upon, the tale began- Of fading stars a princess sang- Of dragons slain and villains dread, A fantasy within your head.  The story lasted many years And filled a book with diamond tears- That all did share in solemn grief; For this poor tale had no relief.  Then just when all seemed lost, not found, A hero sprang forth from the ground To crack […]

Princess of Tears

 She slipped between the breath of day, As Danube flowed by, swept away. Grey mists did rise on waters blue For this her last most perfect view. The snowdrops tinkled, chimed her mort Just like they had for those before, As she did step with grace and ease Into the waters, they to please. No more of life; no more of death, Exhaled her […]