Over Shade and Shadow

 Over shade and shade we ploughed our lonely furrows. We travelled at night when the dark ones were least prevalent, when the universe swallowed them and hid them away. They couldn’t touch us then though I often heard their skittering, ebony talons tickling the ruined forest floor. We prayed for the moon to stay […]


 Her feet were tiny. Actually, that’s an overstatement, they were minuscule. She reminded me of a swallow on the wing, its little legs tucked up into its feathers, its claws going unnoticed. Where you and I might meander, she tottered. Where you and I might run, she staggered. To even balance in her children’s […]


Translucent Author’s Note: I recently shared this story on the wonderful Nicola Auckland‘s blog and have also just published it on Medium. I wouldn’t want anyone having to read it who already has. However, I wanted to showcase this on my own site because I don’t often publish stories that I would say are very […]

My Midnight

Author’s Note: This is a story I wrote some time ago. It was written for a specific theme that I don’t suppose will ever return, so I thought I’d post it for you. I hope you enjoy it as it was one I was always proud of writing. Yet another I’d rather post than leave […]

In The Arms Of A Dream

I had this story published on a writing site called Quaterreads. As seen as they are now defunct, I thought I’d share it here. I have far too many short stories go to waste and hoped you might like to read it so that another didn’t. Richard In the Arms of A Dream I’m adrift […]

The Steampunk Solution

I loved her. That’s why I had to kill her. Isabella’s pros outweighed her many, many cons. After all, one may only sing the praises of one’s maid to so many people before they wish to meet her. I had extolled Isabella’s virtues from the moment she opened her big, blue eyes and smiled at […]

Under the Auspices of Saints

I put pen to paper under the auspices of saints and gothic spires. The night conspires against me, but I am determined it shall not take me. The ghosts of my past skirt the borders of the churchyard. I am imprisoned. My own evil has come back to haunt me and there is nothing I […]

Forgive Me

I’m pulling apart Twixt the night and the day I’m suffering inside In so many ways I’m laughing at nothing And deeper than shade And the sun never rises My bed never made So darling forgive for our eyes never meet So darling hold on and make me feel complete I’m lost without reason This […]

Crimson Corridors

In avenues of fallen lives across carpets of crimson crush, the colours of seasons past deteriorate. Detached from pillared stability, they rest the longest sleep. Yet, in their passing, they bless my mind with bejewelled thoughts that my eyes can but confirm. And I think to myself: perhaps death is not so bad after all, […]