The Bite

Such candid emotions They bite at your skin Nipping and teasing out the truth Un-gentle persuasions So close to true pain That know the answers before they are given Shaking out falsities Like a dog with a bone Whose teeth will never blunt And eyes never tire But the last laugh is yours As the […]


 This notion of emotion is milking me dry This potion, this lotion it just makes me sigh Plastering my body in what makes me my But my’s not for sharing and that is no lie So here in my corner with darkness I’ll fly Constraints I am cutting, for me time to… die


 Memories form at the end of cold fingers, Skin on skin, but not the same. Where eyes once looked up defiant at heaven, Below in retrospect, they now creep. This is not how it was supposed to be. This is not what he promised. Being touched on the skin is as nothing To being […]

50 Word Stories: Teenage Trials

The problem with anger was it wore off. Sorrow had limitations, too. Only indifference had the virtue of being inexhaustible. One could remain indifferent with contemptuous ease. The only problem was it made one listless, which If locked in your room drew anger and sorrow back. You just couldn't win!


 All there was those flickering midnights and crackling fires those moonbeam notions of perfect love two lives entwined tied with string sprinkled with infinity and eternal moments beckoning, always beckoning eyes in the darkness lips in the light hearts joined in beating as one always as one where fantasies met more besides yes, all […]

Cold Comforts (Life’s Dance)

The cream smoothness of her skin enchanted, A pale portrait to her quicksilver eyes; Metallic and sharp, alert to observe my every detail. Bowing, we interlinked fingers; hers were gloved, And moved across the dance floor with acquired finesse. Effortless, she travelled as though on ice, The same ice that permeated her being, her soul. […]

Kicking Concrete

Back against the wall heels kicking the concrete, Head down, thinking, dreaming. Sunglasses hide the eyes, grey like the day; They can’t look up. They want to, but they can’t. The question: is she looking? Is she? Wanting to smile, To say something, To stroll across the road with the confidence of a grifter Take […]