50 Word Stories – In Hallowed Halls

In hallowed halls we found them cowering like the frightened mice they were. Dark shapes with white-flecked collars, the clergy crumbled as our ravaged world burned. “Where’s your God now!” bellowed one unruly bystander. I would never forget their reply. As one, they stood and said, “He’s already here.”


 Scattered, we roamed the lowlands like seeds in the wind waiting for a smattering of soil and our roots to take hold; there was never nearly enough. Lifted from the homes we would have built, we searched the skies for memories of that which we’d lost, that which we’d forgotten: Home. The word echoed […]

The Problem With Ronald

The problem with Ronald was everything. You told him to do something, he did the opposite. You asked for help, he’d fall asleep on the job. It wasn’t that he was bad or evil or any stereotypical resolution, he just couldn’t help himself. I often thought when God made him, he forgot one of his […]

50 Word Stories: Touching God

 And I stood before the surging star stuff as in a dream, but a dream so real as to reach out and swirl the very fabric of reality with my fingertips. I thought then, Is this what it means to be God? If so, I'd rather just enjoy the view.

In The End, There Is Only The End.

 “Beyond the ocean where time stands still, beyond the starlit night and echoes of what was, lies a curtain. If one is brave enough, one can lift the fabric of existence and sneak underneath it into the unknown. I say if, for it is no sight for the weak-minded or those of no belief. […]

50 Word Stories: This God – This Man

The wind chills my skin, the hairs on my arm standing and swaying like eels in a riverbed. When the wind stops, they disappear and I feel sad. This repeats until I pull down my sleeves. Like God, I've just suppressed life. Who am I kidding that's what men do.

The Easiest Struggle

 Life churns, drains, pulls at the fabric of self Made madness by elemental forces and even The planet itself tugging you down, down Gravity unwilling to relinquish its devastating grip Before time and age and furrowed lines show To tell the short history of you and who you’ve touched With tender kindnesses born of […]

50 Word Stories: Fate

 We never saw it coming, the day the world paused. If God’s work, who could say? The long breath, we waited without exhaling as snowed ash proliferated. They came. We wept regrets, the skies afire, world aflame, everything igniting as one. The Apocalypse, some called it. I called it fate.